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Tension and suspense. Magic and mayhem. Mystical and wonderfully creative. Impressive and inventive. This is a  series kids will be adding to their list of must reads! "

-Internationally bestselling author,
M.J. Rose
The Caldecott Chronicles is gruesome,
elegant, witty and a hell of a lot of fun!"

-Jonathan Maberry,
New York Times bestselling author
...The Caldecott Chronicles by R.G. Bullet is gruesome in spots, but it is so darn hilarious that you don’t care....

-Cheryl C. Malandrinos,
The Children's and Teen's Book Connection
...Definitely full of adventure, hidden secrets and much more. Great book for anyone looking for magic and kids.
If you put Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code together what do you get? The 58th Keeper! In the very beginning of the book Bullet does a really good job of showing how lonely and isolated Archy Bass is. His life is stark and joyless. He lives in a all boys boarding school and is very much the fish out of water...and what he wants the most is to run away...but he meets Vincent, the son of one of England's richest man...and travels to Turkey. There his life changes completely! I wont say anymore so there will be no spoilers...but from this point onwards the book takes a seriously fast and fun turn and Archy has to keep away from harm and prove himself as the next keeper of a very powerful object. "

-Jocelyn, reviewer
...this book is rollicking good fun, and I don't think you'll find another zombie book as well written as this one!"

-Jody Kihara ,
Amazon,com reviewer
What a huge adventure, that is how I would describe this book!  Full of twists and turns, this is a book that I can see kids really getting into and a series that they would really follow."

The Caldecott Chronicles is a fun novella that combines two of my favourite things: the Victorian era and zombies. They actually fit together surprisingly well, due in part to the fantastic voice of R.G Bullet's protagonist, Radclyffe. As well as being full of wonderfully dry humour, Radclyffe's letters are written in a style that feels surprisingly authentic, given the subject matter of the book."


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